Kim Atkins

Hi there, my name is Kim Atkins, thanks for stopping by …

I’m the founder of Elite Hub Sites Pty Ltd formerly known as OziBiz Promos or Website SEO Chick and I’m a Website Optiisation Specialist.

Most times when you are looking at taking your business online or revamping your online business you would hire one or more of the following:

  • A business coach
  • A designer

  • A developer
  • A search engine specialist

  • A marketer / sales expert
  • etc; etc

Elite Hub SitesAnd then you need to hire someone to help all of the above communicate with each other

Or you can find an Online Business Marketing Platform designed to all work together and continually developed since 2001. We call it an Elite Hub Site

At Elite Hub Sites we believe that your website is your online office, your centralised location on the Internet, your hub around which all of your offline and online marketing revolves. Your Business Asset that you own and you control and designed to grow as your business grows!