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Kim Atkins has outstanding professional skills and a totally approachable manner as she's coached me through the early months of setting up and preparing to launch my Hand Analysis website. She has loads of expertise with SEO and is across countless other aspects of online marketing.

Kim is up to the minute with all of Google's mood swings and will keep us ahead of the pack for SEO, Social Media and other platforms so our websites are sharp, effective, ranking well and seen by the specific clients who want our stuff. Kim has experts in her team whom we access via her wonderful Basecamp system but she's also always ready to give us timely personal online marketing and website advice.

Patti Barton Ph.D

I’ve known Kim Atkins for a number of years and always been blown away by her knowledge of SEO and Online marketing with her almost fanatical approach to keeping up-to-date with the dos and don’ts of the online world.

She offered me so much free advice that I thought I’d be clever and “do it all myself”.

This year we bit the bullet and employed her one-on-one to design and build our website platform.

What can I say… Kim is so patient and understanding and the results are amazing. We’ve achieved more in a few months than we done in the previous 3 years and more.

Thanks Kim… You truly are amazing and so delighted with everything you’ve done for us.

Andrew Kavanagh Smart Choices Group

I had lots of ideas I knew I wanted to get out into the world of online marketing but I had no idea where to start. Kim Atkins and her team at Elite Hub Sites helped me step by step to build a hub site from concept to graphic design and content development using up to date SEO.

I wanted to start my own online business because I wanted a business that would eventually free up my time instead of consuming all of it. Kim and her team created a website for me that incorporated my vision and ideas no matter how crazy they seemed! They are always friendly and professional and Kim has an amazing amount of knowledge about what she does which she is always willing to share and easily explain in detail to newbie marketers like myself.

Having Kim as a mentor has helped me to focus on my goals and helped keep me accountable by giving me set tasks to work towards within agreed timeframes. I particularly like Kim’s straight forward and honest approach to her work and she is just a pleasure to work with. I would recommend anyone thinking of doing one of her programs to jump at the opportunity!

Sandra Oliver
(previously Sandra Kaddour)

Sandra Oliver Entrepreneur

Kim Atkins SEO Goddess" It has been my pleasure working with you, I love your down to earth, methodical approach to helping me define my purpose for my websites, your understanding of how to target our Ideal Audience and knowledge of SEO is undeniable and astounding.

After struggling for 4 years and not ranking in Google I am so pleased I have now followed your expert white hat strategies and implemented all you have taught me - The search results and traffic to all of my websites are incredible, to be now dominating the first page of Google and knocking a well known website from ranking one all the way to 8 speaks for itself. Thankyou again you truly are my Online & SEO Goddess

Sharna Mills Entrepreneur

From the outset of the engagement to update our website we felt very comfortable with the professional methodology of the Elite Basecamp system, coupled with Kim’s personal hands-on approach.

It quickly became obvious to us that Kim has a comprehensive understanding of the behind the scenes mechanisms of Google, the relationships between it and the other social media platforms, and the expertise to exploit them. She ensures she is fully up to date with what can be a fickle environment, and how proposed changes will impact the SEO methods she implements and recommends.

It is comforting to know that the SEO methods Kim embraces, and coached us in, are based on valid and sound Google techniques, rather than exploiting short lived flaws in the system or tricks that would ultimately become ineffective and costly.

While our, niche market, SaaS platform is a difficult concept not only to grasp, but also to market and sell, Kim was quickly able to grasp the concepts and she has been able to provide not only website and SEO technical expertise, but also sound practical online marketing advice and guidance.

The results?
A steady upward trend in our standing in the Google ratings, and already several important contacts with promising clients. Unachievable without our new website.


Graham Kennedy COO True Assessments

The biggest single problem for most businesses is they fail to attract and convert clients with their websites. They are setup incorrectly and simply don't work. Without expert help these businesses will sink further and probably fail... soon.

Kim Atkins knows exactly what makes a website work... how to attract targeted searchers and how to convert. She knows computer programming backwards and builds websites with the right structure, the right Search Engine Optimisation and the content that Google demands.

Graphic artists and web designers up with recent Google changes could 'maybe' throw a website together which in a few cases worked.. maybe.. almost always they don't. However, todays new and future Google and Social Media changes have created the need for websites to be correctly structured, contain all the new coding, have SEO work now as a marketing tool ... and have the right content writing which is Google's most demanding requirement right now.

Kim does all this... and is the only person I know who can also structure and write content that gets multiple web pages, high rankings by precisely providing the answer to searchers questions. She implements all Google changes and code, conducts text and measure to see what works and ensures that all the very latest Google and social media updates are incorporated into her sites. Kim helps clients to understand exactly who is their customer and the customers pain points. She passes that knowledge to clients especially content and training businesses how to do this for themselves.

Every correct detailed coding is painstakingly incorporated into the website backend. No short cuts and stuff brought out of the box which can't possible work today for a serious business. It is all Kim's work based on years of deep experience.

I have hundreds of business clients. The only person I recommend and trust to do their websites is Kim.

Awesome Business Outcomes / Small Business Solutions QLD

Peter Baldwin Business Advisor / Mentor

I've had an e-commerce business for 9 years, but I often felt overwhelmed by what had to be done and confused about how it all fit together. Before I found Kim Atkins, I was trying to figure it all out myself, but I was really struggling because there is so much contradictory information on the internet!
I was really starting to lose my confidence.

Kim has helped clarify so much for me, I can't thank her enough. Now, I feel like I know exactly what to do AND how to do it.

Kim is especially amazing, because she understands both the techie stuff, the social media stuff AND the psychology of marketing. She doesn't just know what Google wants, she also knows how people behave and how to lead someone through your website so that they end up buying.

Thanks Kim for all your help, I feel so much more confident now - I am really excited about the future of my business.

Emily Peyton Oz Inflatable Kayaks

Engaging Kim Atkins to design and develop our membership site has been a huge success. Kim's systemised approach, with SEO optimisation as its cornerstone, draws customers from their keywords problems search in Google deep into our website content where we can engage with and drive them to relationship services that will help them.

Kim guided us on tips, tools and marketing strategies to implement our vision of 100 members at $47 / month. She helped us define our ideal avatar, implement a three-tiered structure for writing effective articles for posts, automate social media posts and install a sound optimised reliable back-end for automated membership payments and content delivery.

Thank you Kim for your unwavering support and belief in us. We could not have done it without your help

Mike and Karen Gosling Relationships Experts

Kim Atkins is a real asset to anyone setting up an online business. She certainly knows her stuff about SEO, but her knowledge actually extends way beyond that.

She has fantastic awareness about so many other aspects of being successful online and is happy to point out different things that may help you be more successful or make things easier. Kim is always growing and learning herself so she can give you the most current, relevant information.

Her editorial and grammar skills are also excellent. Kim has the ability to quickly sift through content and see what is essential, so that it is not only appealing to SEO, it is also more interesting for people to read so that they understand your true message.

The part I love about working with Kim the most is her very calm and almost ‘laid-back’ approach - nothing fazes her! She is very astute, and incredibly helpful in steering your message and content in the right direction.

Kim always speaks calmly and respectfully, explains things clearly and never gets frustrated by my questions. She has never made me feel stupid about not understanding techie or online stuff.

Kim is just a lovely, talented woman who also has a great sense of humour - this makes life much easier when you are on long Skype calls!

If you need someone to help you get set up in your online business with effective SEO and good advice, I would happily recommend Kim Atkins.

Suzie Williams Carers Community